Aliens and Scientists

I posted a blog back on June 14 about my fondness for conspiracy theories. One I mentioned was the alien conspiracy. I said then that it was one conspiracy I thought was very possible. Recently, this story appeared. A top Harvard scientist, Dr Abraham “Avi” Loeb says the material found at the bottom of the ocean might be what’s left of alien technology. 

I checked other sources, and the take was that even though the scientist was very good at his job—as an astrophysicist—at Harvard—he was still suspect. Seems back in 2017 he’d claimed that the first confirmed interstellar object, a long, black object called Oumuamua might be an alien spacecraft. (I couldn’t find any actual photos that showed Oumuamua enough to post here.)

In my opinion, there are two ways to see this. 1. That Loeb is using the popularity of UFOs to promote his book. 2. That he is thinking outside the box. 

I don’t know which it is, but it’s an interesting subject.

Do you think scientists are afraid to think outside the box, even though great discoveries have been made in exactly that way?

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