The Good, the Bad, and Ugly Creek

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What’s it about?

Dia Grey’s psychic ability reveals her sister’s fiancé is cheating on her. But her mother and sister refuse to believe the truth. So Dia heads to Ugly Creek to visit her best friend and encounters the brilliant, but reckless, Logan Montgomery along the way.

Despite their sparring, the two can’t deny the attraction between them. But Logan hides a secret that could be dangerous. He tries to keep her safe, but she is determined to solve the mystery of this enigmatic man. Dia might be psychic, but even she can’t see what’s coming…

Book #1 Stefie and Jake’s story.

Ugly Creek books are light-hearted romances set in an odd little town. Each couple has to find their own way to happiness, and Ugly Creek has its own special issues to overcome.

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