view of trees blue sky and reddish clouds

Happy 2023

view of trees blue sky and reddish clouds
View from my apartment

My grandmother always said that what you do on New Year’s day is what you’ll be doing all year. When I think of that now, I wonder how many people will be having hangovers all year. Or staying up late to watch television. Or sleeping half the day because they were up late. Okay, that last mostly includes kids and people my age,  I mean older folks. 

My attitude is gratitude that I’m alive and still able to walk and take care of myself. I stopped making resolutions a few years ago, and began choosing a word for the new year. I try to pick a word that encompasses the big picture of what I want to make out of the next 365 days. My 2022 word was “opportunity,” And it happened, but not until the second half of the year. Not to mention, it slipped in without my noticing.  

The first part of the year blew in on a bad wind and I was in survival mode for several months. Then things changed. I moved into a new apartment in a new city. It’s a fairly quiet place. Outside my window is a grassy hill with trees at the top. For me, it was the perfect writing space. So I’ve been writing, revising, and editing. I listen to writing podcasts a lot. And I’m inspired to finish projects, submit manuscripts, and consider moving into indie publishing. There’s a feeling that this year will be one of success. So, that’s what I chose for my word for 2023: Success

Here’s to hoping everyone reading this will find whatever it is they want in 2023. Peace and love to all of you! 

Cheryel Dragon Whisperer

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