Lessons Learned Looking for a New Life


Sorry I haven’t posted the last few days. My husband and I have been in Florida. No, not a vacation, unfortunately. This was a serious search for a new place to live near Jacksonville, where our youngest daughter and family are now living. I learned a few things from this trip, and I thought I’d share.

  • It’s amazing how many apartment complexes require you to be 62 or older. Not there yet, even if  I feel like it sometimes.
  • Many places only allow one dog and we have two. They’re Dachshunds, and together they’re the size of a regular dog, but nobody would budge.
  • The only apartments available are on the second floor.

On the other hand:

  • Most complexes have exercise rooms
  • They people are nice
  • They don’t close the swimming pools in the winter

As for the area in general:

  • Jacksonville is much easier to navigate than Atlanta
  • Most places are easier to navigate than Atlanta
  • The traffic lights on San Jose are the longest in the country, if not the world
  • There are ponds everywhere, and I always wonder what lurks in the things
  • Out in the country, it’s DARK at night
  • Every road in the area has at least 2 names

It’s going to be hard leaving the state I grew up in a lived all my life, but I’m rapidly falling in love with Florida. Would you expect any less of a romance writer?

Take care!


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