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I love science. To me scientists are rock stars. Still, there are some times when I don’t understand the circular logic mainstream science uses to “prove” the mainstream view of things. Like the logic of this article. The vector (link) that moves Lyme disease from animal to human is a certain stage in the life cycle of a certain type of tick, this tick doesn’t bite humans in the South during that particular stage of its life cycle, therefore there is no Lyme disease in the Southern United States.

I see several things wrong with this statement, for instance:

1.There have been cases of Lyme, or something with the same symptoms.

2. Ticks tend to bite no matter the stage or where they are.

3. There can be more than one vector.

4. There can be more than one type of bacteria that causes Lyme.

5. Not all cases of Lyme will present in the same way. Everybody is different.

Any other ideas, opinions?

This scientific debate, or lack thereof, is more to me than just academic. My daughter has a friend who has severe symptoms and blood test documented Lyme Disease, but because she lives in the Southern U.S., and has been repeatedly told her symptoms can’t be Lyme—there is no Lyme in the south. OK, she has Lyme, but there is no Lyme in the South, so she can’t have it. Circular logic.

Wake up, physicians and scientists, you are supposed to let the evidence guide you, not ignore evidence that doesn’t fit in your little world. Get the hell over it.

Anybody out there have Lyme or symptoms that could be Lyme related? Had trouble getting diagnosed with an unusual illness?

Hope your Monday is going well.



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