In the News…Or Not

Have you had all the political news you can stand? Is a steady stream of bad news givng you headaches? Well, these animals decided they’d had enough. Enjoy.   Have a great weekend!

Swimming Tigers

In honor of A. Catherine Noon’s guest appearance, and her new book  Tiger,Tiger  I thought a tiger video would be fun. I even found a video with swimming tigers. Enjoy [youtube=] Have a great weekend! Cheryel The Ugly Truth, available only in ebook from Amazon until August 16 when it will be available in electronic and paperback …

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Who Needs a Car?

In honor of Hump Day, I thought it would be appropriate to post a video of…what else? Camels. Enjoy! Cheryel   The Ugly Truth, available for $2.99 for Kindle. Limited time only! Get yours today. If she can’t believe what she sees, can she believe what she feels? When photojournalist Stephie Stephanova visits Ugly Creek, …

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