The Waters Of Mars

Photo of surface of Mars from

Three days ago, NASA announced proof of liquid water on Mars. I was thrilled. What an amazing discovery! I honestly thought the news would be all over the story. I wasn’t home at the time of the original announcement, so when I came in the door, I turned on the TV to see what the news agencies were saying. That would be a big NOTHING. What I found was news that the pope was back home, and there was a big discussion over whether Trump or Putin got the harder questions on 60 Minutes. I changed the channel before they got to the Kardashians. My nerves couldn’t have handled that. Finally I caught a crawl across the bottom of the screen announcing water had been found on another plant. Yes, PLANT. At this point, the TV went off.

So there I was, stomping around the house, wondering if I wasn’t on the wrong planet. A day later, I discovered some people actually thought NASA found liquid water on Mars just to promote the movie, Martian.  *head desk*

I’ve spent the last three days alternately depressed, excited, frustrated, and wondering who put stupid juice in the water.

In case you don’t really understand what the big deal is, there’s a video for that:

Bill Nye explains significance of liquid water on Mars.

In better news, today Google celebrated the discovery with a cute doodle:


How do you feel about the possibility of life on Mars?

Do you think there’s the possibility of intelligent life on other planets?

Would you be willing to take a trip to Mars?


Anybody understand the reference in the title?


Have a great day!



1 thought on “The Waters Of Mars”

  1. I know! I haven’t put it on my sci fi blog yet, but I will. I will take a look at the video you posted too.

    That’s funny about plant.

    My attitude is oh no, soon there will be a corporation ready to mine Mars. I almost want it to be a secret until we humans get our s*@# together.

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