Time and Life

2015-07-31 17.48.14
Momma duck had her nest under a hedge just outside our building. So cute!

You know how it goes, one thing needs your attention, then another. Family, job, pets, dust bunnies, alien creatures, and flying monkeys; they all take a toll. Your proverbial plate gets more full by the day, and you wonder how much the dang thing can hold. I don’t wonder anymore. I know.

On seemingly quiet day last week, my plate got so full it cracked, broke apart, and fell on the floor. The noise startled those ducks I’ve been trying to get into a row for months, and now they aren’t even in the same state! All the commotion caused me to drop half the appointments and deadlines I was juggling.

Time might not fly, but I did. I was so frustrated I took a plane going toward the international date line so I could get yesterday back. Sadly, yesterday is gone. I thought about waiting for tomorrow, but I quickly discovered that it never comes.

On my trip, I met a guy with an unusual name: Time. He was nice, but Time is short. A spider dropped on his shirt, and Time stood still while I brushed it away. He wasn’t always quiet and still, though. He loves racing, and he challenged me to one. I figured it would be easy, since he’s so short and all. Thing is, when Time runs, he seems to be flying. Let me tell you, When you race against Time, you always lose.

He was a really nice guy, and very smart. In fact, Time is a great healer.He gave me suggestions for dealing with a sore knee. Time might not heal all wounds, but he can make them hurt less. Personally, I like the idea that Time is on my side. Poor guy, Time is running out of spots in his schedule.

It was nice passing the time of day with Time, but I did have to get back to my own overloaded life. So here I am, new plate installed and looking for my ducks.  Oh good grief, my ducks have babies! I’ll never get them in a row!


Have a great week!

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