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Those of you who read The Ugly Truth know about Ugly Creek. For those who don’t know, Ugly Creek is a tiny Tennessee town that exists somewhere between Knoxville and my imagination.

TheUglyTruth_7522_100After I wrote that book, I realized there were a lot more stories waiting to be told about the town and its inhabitants. In fact, Madison was yelling at me that she wanted her own story. So I gave it to her. The release date has come, and the second Ugly Creek story is now available exclusively for Kindle.

Here’s some info for anyone who is interested:

Ugly Creek’s residents tend to be a little, um, quirky. And then there are the unexplainable things. The unanswered questions. The creatures that may or may not exist.

In The Ugly Truth, Stephie discovers some amazing things about the odd little town and its unconventional  inhabitants. Now, in book 2, Madison tries to keep the Secrets of Ugly Creek hidden from the rest of the world.

SecretsofUglyCreek_w8314_300 (2)Here’s the short version of Secrets of Ugly Creek:

Madison Clark is a successful journalist who volunteers for an assignment in her hometown in order to protect the quirky little place from the likes of Gibson McFain. He’s a hard-line journalist and documentary maker who has made his reputation exposing secrets. Ugly Creek has more than its share of secrets, and she knows revealing them would threaten the town’s way of life.

Gibson “Mac” McFain just wants to film a documentary in the little town, but Madison wants to make sure he doesn’t find out too much. Soon problems escalate when attacks begin against Mac and his crew. Madison seems to be as shocked as he is, but he can’t take any chances she might ruin what’s left of his career.

In spite of all this, their physical attraction pulls them together—and eventually they fall in love.

Neither trusts the other, but that doesn’t change the attraction they feel. It’s only a matter of time before they act on the desire, but will that mean sleeping with the enemy?

Secrets of Ugly Creek is now available for Kindle, and will release worldwide on June 25.



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