Cheryel Hutton grew up in a tiny corner of Tennessee. One day she discovered a beautiful dragon and was delighted when it spoke to her. The dragon, Quill, confided that she was actually a muse and that muses love to tell stories.    Over the years, the dragon told Cheryel many stories. After a time, Cheryel began to write down the tales and send them out into the world so that others could enjoy them. 
     Cheryel lives near Nashville, Tennessee near her daughters and grandchildren. She recently moved into an apartment with a wonderful view of the outdoors. The setting makes her feel like she’s on a retreat.
   She spends her time transcribing stories of paranormal romance and romantic suspense, as told to her by a muse who prefers the form of a dragon.

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This is my life. I love being a writer!

A dream with a plan can come true.

Don’t wait to pursue your dreams, go now!

Cheryel Hutton
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Feel free to express yourself

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