Fear for Income

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There is a paranoia being grown today for the specific reason of making lots and lots of money. To most people, it even looks like the big companies are doing something good. Unless you understand the real story.

What is this growing fear? It is fear of germs. Yep, tiny bacteria and even smaller viruses. Haven’t you noticed? Just about everything now has chemicals in them to kill germs. There are several problems with this glut of micro-assassin ingredients.

    • They aren’t needed. All you really need to get most anything clean is soap and water. There’s a reason we’ve been told for years that the best way to stay healthy is washing our hands. Same goes for counters and sinks and pretty much anything else. There is also the rarely mentioned fact that if a surface dries completely almost all microorganisms will be killed. Bacteria and viruses need moist environments to survive. A dry counter will kill all but a rare few.
    • Our bodies need several types of bacteria. You’ve probably heard of probiotics. These are microorganisms that our bodies require to digest food.
    • Chemicals can be dangerous. Harsh chemicals used to disinfect surfaces can harm skin, eyes, and lungs. Chlorine mixed with other cleaners can release chlorine gas–which can be deadly.
    • Superbugs. You’ve probably heard that the overuse of antibiotics can breed “superbugs” which are bacteria that are not killed by the most common antibiotics. Some have even evolved that are not killed by ANY current antibiotic.

So the next time you clean, consider if you really need to use that strong cleaner. Maybe soap and water would be just as good or better.

Click here for more information about disinfectant over use and here for information about hand washing.

Did your parents teach you to wash your hands?

Are you paranoid about germs?

Have you noticed the increase in germ killing cleaners? The way the ads are designed to worry people?


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