The Real Women of CARA

CARA shoes at Moonlight & Magnolias

I’ve written about CARA before, and I’d like to introduce you to my fellow authors.

CARA is short for Chattanooga Area Romance Authors, a group of five romance writers—all published— who found each other and quickly became friends. Between the five of us, we represent most of the romance spectrum. There should be something here for just about everybody.

In reverse alphabetical order (because I have to be different), here are the women of CARA:

Nita Wick—published in historical and paranormal, Nita turned to contemporary romance in her latest novel, Designs on Haley now available.

Laurie White—Ardent animal lover and very sweet person, her novel Desert Heat will be out from Secret Cravings Publishing later this year.

Kelle Z. Riley—scientist during the day, romance writer at night. The multi-talented woman has more energy than one person should be allowed. Look for some news from her soon.

Leigh Riker—celebrates women with a long list of novels. The most prolific, and published, of our group, Leigh sets the standard for the rest of us.

Cheryel Hutton—Me! I just signed a new contract with The Wild Rose Press, and my new novel should be out early next year.

Have a great hump day!


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  1. Thanks, Cheryel for introducing the women of CARA to your blog readers. The shot above show all of CARA showing off their dressy shoes at the Moonlight & Magnolias conference where–between parties–we learned such diverse things as how to lift fingerprints and how to balance a career using all venues of publishing to us today. Maybe we’ll meet at a conference near you someday!

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