Barely Awake


Yawn. Oh, hi there! I’m sticking my head out of my cave. I want so very badly to hibernate until spring, but unfortunately, I’m not a bear. All right, no remarks from the peanut gallery regarding excess body hair. Or my growling. I’m a human, not a bear.

Here we are, stuck in the middle of the week where everyone plays with newly acquired material possessions as we look toward the new year. There it is, just ahead of us, bright and shiny and full of possibilities. Now if I could just sleep through the first couple of months.

Oh well, I’m stuck here in the world like the rest of humanity. So, let’s get this party started. Forget the usual resolution stuff. What is something fun, crazy, off the wall that you’ve always thought about doing, but never took the time to actually do? Come on, hang gliding? Jumping out of an airplane? Getting a pet iguana? Going to Alaska for a vacation? Buying an over-the-top pair of shoes, the kind of shoes you think are awesome, but didn’t think were you?

Come on, there’s something, isn’t there? Let’s all come up with something. Then do it. It’ll be fun!

Have a great rest of the year!

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