Shhh…It’s a Conspiracy!

photo of earth from space
photo from NASA images

Those who know me well, know that I love me a good conspiracy theory. I’m not saying I totally believe any of them, but the whole idea fascinates me. 

Was there a second shooter on the famous “grassy knoll” when JFK was killed? I don’t know. But I do think there are things the public doesn’t, and probably never will, know.

Are there UFOs? Yes. Even the government is admitting it now. Do they contain aliens from outer space/another dimension? Maybe. Again, there seem to be things we aren’t being told.

Does Bigfoot exist? It’s possible. In the areas the most sightings come from, a good size town could be hidden and the rest of us would never know. Those places are huge! Why are there no bodies? Maybe it’s because of the huge areas, but I have a theory that they just might bury their dead. It actually makes a lot of sense. Neanderthals buried the dead, why not Bigfoot?

But then there are conspiracy theories that are so ridiculous I can’t believe anybody believes them. Like the Earth is flat.

Okay, why can’t we fall off the edge? Why aren’t pictures of the edge all over social media? 

If you go to a flat place like a desert, or an ocean, or just a long flat highway; in the distance everything slowly disappears below the horizon. You can move toward the vanish spot, and other things just vanish. In an airplane, the downward angle of the horizon is even clearer.

Earth is massive (according to National Geographic, Earth’s diameter is about 12,700 kilometers (7,900 miles), and its mass is about 5.97×1024 kilograms (6.58×1021 tons).) so it seems flat from our perspective. But, you can’t stand in the Mojave Desert and see the Pacific Ocean. And then there are all those awesome photos of the Earth from space!

Yet, the fact is that there is a big hunk of  (Forbes in 2018 survey 2%)  otherwise normal appearing people honestly believe the earth is flat. Really? This one is hard to believe. Why would every single photo of Earth from space be faked?  Plus the the moon, and the other planets, they’re all round too. Why would scientists mislead people? There’s no benefit really. 

So, keep your mind open, but think it through before you decide to believe something that goes against every fact to the contrary. Just because it’s on the Internet doesn’t believe it’s true!

And if you find the edge of the Earth, please post a pic in the comments.

Have a great rest of the week.

By the way, if you like space photos and/or just gorgeous images, NASA has a lot of awesome ones.

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