The Writer’s Addiction

Most people know that writers, as creative type people, seem to be especially prone to addictive substances. You know the usual lineup, alcohol, partying, infidelity, drugs, office products. Wait, what?

See it seems that many writers are victims of the last category. Hey, who is

photo from Hoarder HomeSchooling
photo from Hoarder HomeSchooling

that laughing? We’re talking about a real problem here, one that can drain a bank account, cause friction in families, lose valuable writing time; and if unchecked, it can lead to being on Hoarders.

You think I jest? Like many of my friends and fellow writers, I struggle with this problem. Every trip into a pharmacy, grocery store, or even Walmart requires a visit to the writer’s office and school supply section. I’m usually good, usually I leave without buying anything, or at least nothing expensive. Still, I’ve managed to accumulate quite a lot of notebooks, binders, legal pads, and books. Lots and lots of books.

There’s not enough to reach the ceiling or anything, but sometimes I wonder if I wasn’t dirt poor if I wouldn’t be eligible for Hoarders. Yeah, I have too much stuff, unorganized, a lot unneeded. I’m trying to downsize and organize, but it’s harder than I thought it would be. Not only is the physical work hard, even harder is the psychological strain of deciding to let go of things, then letting them go. I’m getting there, but I think a snail passed me on the last round.


Take care, y’all!


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