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TheUglyTruth_7522_300It’s no secret that I grew up in a tiny little town just south of Dayton, Tennessee. Well, for a while I did sort of keep that knowledge under my hat. I was a little embarrassed—okay more than a little. I guess I thought small Southern town made me seem a little less…something. Then I wrote a book set in a small town, I called the town Ugly Creek, and I guess I worked out some issues through Stephie. All right, I’ll admit it was more than worked out issues. I realized how much fun it was to set books in little Southern towns. After all, I knew the territory well.

I actually set my first novel, Shadows of Evil, in an area much like where I grew up. Shadows, though, mostly takes place on the mountain above the little town of Mountain Shadows. Not to mention, that town is rather spookier than where I spent my childhood. Still, it was an area I was familiar with. Lone Mountain, where Kia lives, is much like the mountain near my childhood home. That mountain is spooky, but then Shadows of Evil is a dark paranormal.

My latest novel, The Ugly Truth, is set in Ugly Creek, Tennessee. I took a lot of liberties with my hometown and other nearby towns and made up a fictional place that is the center of some very strange activity. Just how strange? Did you really expect me to reveal everything in a blog post?

The good news is that The Ugly Truth is free for Kindle until Saturday. If you think you might like reading a light paranormal about a quirky small town with quirky characters, now is the time to give it a shot.

Go forth and download. And tell me what you think!


The Ugly Truth available only in ebook from Amazon until August 16 when it will be available in electronic and paperback formats from all major book outlets.

If she can’t believe what she sees, can she believe what she feels? When photojournalist Stephie Stephanova visits Ugly Creek, Tennessee to help her best friend, Madison, she expects a boring visit. Then she snaps a photo of something she shouldn’t have seen–and falls for a man she definitely shouldn’t have.

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